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Wednesday, Nov 08, 2017 at 7:42 pm

CitrusTV Mayoral Election Night 2017

Anchors Mike Riccardi and Josh Carney sit down with the Talking Points team for some special coverage of the 2017 Syracuse mayoral election. Reporters Conor Wight and Sabrina Maggiore were on the scene at the campaign headquarters of front-runners Juanita Perez-Williams and Ben Walsh respectively. Reporter Byron Tollefson reviewed the platforms of Perez-Williams and Walsh and broke down the problems student voters have. Analyst Dan Prager discussed Proposition One in the New York state constitution. Analyst Elijah Shama reviewed Syracuse’s status as a sanctuary city. Analyst Jack Watson discussed Perez-William’s and Walsh’s plans for the Syracuse Police Department. Analyst Gilat Melamed broke down plans for the aging Interstate 81 overpass that bisects the city of Syracuse. Analyst Thomas St. Hilaire reviewed the Consensus CNY and plans for government modernization.