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Monday, Apr 22, 2019 at 8:56 pm

Talking Points | April 22nd

Talking Points Anchors Elijah Shama and Gilat Melamed have this week’s top political stories. Talking Points Analyst Jack Watson looks at the redacted Mueller report and breaks it down. Talking Points Analysts Greg Bradbury and Anthony Dabbundo look at NY’s Department of Transportation’s Environmental Impact Statement and how the community grid came to be the one they chose. Talking Points Analyst Brandon Ross takes a look at the mugshot ban in NY. Talking Points Analyst Michael Furnari looks at the 2020 presidential race on both the national level and right here in the 24th Congressional District in NY. Talking Points Analyst Shruti Marathe takes a look at Lancu v. Brunetti in this week’s SCOTUS Focus. Talking Points Analyst Gabrielle Caracciolo looks at the referendum taking place in Egypt.