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Monday, Apr 12, 2021 at 11:53 pm

Talking Points | Monday, April 12th

Talking Points anchors Anthony Dabbundo and Manny Martinez are in studio tonight to break down the latest on the police shooting in Minnesota. Analyst Natalie Fahmy breaks down New York State’s budget for fiscal year 2022, which will break a multitude of changes for state residents. Analyst Moriah Humiston discusses the I-81 construction plan in Syracuse for the community grid project. Analyst Michael Furnari looks at the latest in the New York Gubernatorial race. Analyst Benjamin Schiller breaks down the Arkansas bill that is banning gender-affirming treatments for transgender minors. Analyst Jacob Goldberg discusses President Biden’s new infrastructure bill and how it may cause further budget reconciliation. Analyst Ericka Love breaks down a possible fourth stimulus check or monthly payments for the rest of the pandemic. Analyst Chilekasi Adele takes a look at the federal investigation into Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. Analyst Teagan Brown breaks down the current negotiations between the United States and Iran. Analyst Lindsey Fine discusses the violence and unrest in Northern Ireland. Analyst Spencer Kweskin discusses the life and legacy of the late Prince Phillip.