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Monday, Mar 15, 2021 at 8:45 pm

Talking Points | Monday, March 15th

Talking Points anchors Carmella Boykin and Manny Martinez are in studio tonight to break down the latest on the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill. Talking Points analyst Benjamin Schiller looks into how the IRS is sending out the stimulus checks. Talking Points analyst Chilekasi Adele looks into vaccine access and eligibility across the country. Talking Points analyst Jacob Goldberg breaks down how some businesses are requiring “vaccine passports” for patrons to access their services. Talking Points analyst Tyler O’Neill breaks down the latest allegations against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Talking Points analyst Moriah Humiston gives an update on President Biden’s first fifty days in office. Talking Points analyst Lindsey Fine breaks down the latest act passed by the House of Representatives. Talking Points analyst Spencer Kweskin looks at a new election reform bill that is changing Hong Kong’s relationship with the rest of China.