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Monday, Nov 15, 2021 at 11:37 am

Talking Points | Monday, November 15th

Talking Points anchors Moriah Humiston and Chilekasi Adele are in studio tonight to break down the top stories across the globe. Analyst Teagan Brown breaks down the recent spike in inflation across the country. Analyst Dominic Chiappone looks at the latest with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Analyst Julianna Distante looks at the massive infrastructure bill passed by Congress earlier this month. Analyst Jacob Goldberg breaks down the latest news regarding former President Trump’s administration. Analyst Jake Morel looks at the climate change conference in Glascow over the weekend. Analyst Lindsey Fine breaks down the crisis at the Belarus and European Union Bloc border. Analyst Tyler O’Neill breaks down breaks down the latest mask policies in Texas.