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Monday, Nov 08, 2021 at 10:51 am

Talking Points | Monday, November 8th

Talking Points hosts Teagan Brown and Moriah Humiston are in studio tonight to break down the top political headlines across the globe. Analyst Chilekasi Adele breaks down last week’s governor elections. Analyst Jacob Goldberg breaks down President Biden’s new plan for businesses with over 100 employees. Analyst Jake Morel breaks down Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s victory last week in the Mayoral Election. Analyst Olivia Maniscalco breaks down Onondaga County’s Pfizer vaccine distribution to children ages 5-11. Analyst Ericka Love breaks down the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against new Texas voting laws. Analyst Dominic Chiappone breaks down Minneapolis’ rejected proposal to replace the city’s police force with a new Department of Safety. Analyst Bond Photos breaks down the Arbery trial.