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Monday, Oct 11, 2021 at 3:23 pm

Talking Points | Monday, October 11th

Talking Points anchors Moriah Humiston and Teagan Brown are in studio tonight to break down the top political headlines throughout the week. Analyst Ericka Love breaks down a Facebook whistleblower’s testimony before Congress. Analyst Bond Photos breaks down Pfizer’s request to the FDA authorizing to extend their vaccine’s eligibility to children ages 5 and older. Analyst Jacob Goldberg breaks down the Senate Judiciary Committee’s report on former President Donald Trump. Analyst Chilekasi Adele breaks down the current status of Syracuse’s Mayoral Debate. Analyst Lindsey Fine breaks down the numbers behind the three-way mayoral race. Analyst Tyler O’Neill looks at the CIA’s new focus on China’s emerging power grab. Analysts Dominic Chiappone and Olivia Maniscalco breaks down the suicide bombing that occurred in an Islamic State.