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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021 at 8:59 pm

Talking Points | Special Inauguration Webisode

Talking Points host Oscar Offerman is here to break down a historic Inauguration Day for a Special Talking Points Webisode. Talking Points analyst Benjamin Schiller explains why this year’s ceremony is so unprecedented. CitrusTV Reporter Nicole Aponte spoke to SU students who say they are anxious about this year’s inauguration following the riots two weeks ago. CitrusTV spoke to DC Reporter and SU alum Scott Macfarlane to see how he reports in Washington during historic events. CitrusTV Reporter Ricky Sayer spoke with New York Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul to see how Joe Biden became the first SU grad to take the Oath of Office. CitrusTV Reporter Jesse Cook breaks down Trump’s decision to not attend the inauguration. CitrusTV Reporter Yaw Bonsu spoke to SU political science professors to get an idea of what Americans should expect with this transition of power. And CitrusTV Reporter Lindsey Fine discusses Trump’s plans after the presidency.