Half way through the year, What should be Syrause’s ideal starting lineup be?

Photo Credit: Cuse.com/SU Athletics
Monday, Mar 25, 2024 at 3:57 pm by Sports Editor

Nathaniel Cunningham | @n_cunning_0


Through 27 games this season, Syracuse softball has messed with its lineup in a bunch of ways. So now that the Orange are well into conference play who should be the everyday starters for SU? 


Leadoff – Angel Jasso


Jasso is just one of two players to play in every single game this season for SU and she is doing so while leading the offense. The Senior is top ten in the ACC in batting average with a .419 while leading the team in doubles and stolen bases. 


2-hole –  Mackenzie Foster 


Now Makenzie Foster has traditionally hit in the 8th or 9th spot in this year’s lineup. However, the Orange offense has struggled at times and having someone in the top half of the lineup that can string together hits would be beneficial. The slight issue is that Foster leads the team in strikeouts, fanning 20 times this season. 


Three hitter – Taylor Posner 


Posner is the second player to play in every game for SU and she has been the clear best player for the Orange. In her first 2 seasons, the outfielder hit just 3 home runs. Through half a season the now junior has 10 long balls and leads the team in RBI’s. 


Clean-up – Vanessa Flores 


Traditionally a player like Posner is a clear cleanup hitter. Get the runners in and bring in the RBI’s. Now Vanessa Flores only hits .239 and has a team-tied 4th-best in RBIs. So why should she be the clean-up? All of her at bats are long, tough, hard fought AB’s. She never gets caught in a pitcher’s count and has an incredible eye in the batter’s box. Her approach at the plate is exactly why she should be hitting cleanup. 


Consistency – Laila Morales-Alves


Catchers are usually seen as a defensive position and Laila Morales-Alves fits just that. But at the plate, the junior has the third-best batting average on the team and has the second-best on-base percentage on the squad. When she hits the ball, she hits it hard and exactly to where it needs to be to advance runners. 


6 Hear, Half a Dozen the Other – Tessa Galipeau


Galipeau has split the time with Olivia Pess at first base this season. Looking at them both there are benefits and issues with both. However, with Galipeau, she is the one of two players on the squad who has a positive walk-to-strikeout ratio. Her average and hard hit rate could be higher but she will challenge every pitcher at the plate. 


Defense – Kelly Breen


In every lineup there must be one outstanding defensive player. For SU that is Kelly Breen. Her range in the shortstop position reaches from the third base line all the way to right center field. The shortstop does have the lowest batting average amongst qualifies batters but her defensive presence makes her a mainstay in the lineup. 


Utility – Rebbeca Clyde


Rebecca Clyde is the perfect way that a lineup should end. The grad student is hitting just .250 on the year but is the 3rd on the team in RBI’s. That is because for most of the season, she has hit out of the 2 hole but due to the back half of the lineup struggling, having a bat that can hit to the level she can is a huge help. 


Spark Plug – Madelyn Lopez


At the end if this lineup is what starts the offense all over again at the top is Madelyn Lopez. She is also hitting .250 and for every strikeout, she walks almost 2 times. She has also tallied 10 RBIs on the year proving that when the people in front of her get on, she can get them in. 


Ace – Lindsey Hendrix


Going into Hendrix’s senior season, the pitcher was coming off her worst year to date. But halfway through this season, She has a sub-2.50 ERA in almost 50 innings. Hendrix has walked just 9 batters but has been susceptible to the long ball. She also has a WHIP above 1 and tends to get hit a little early in games but once she settles in, she looks like a top-tier pitcher in the ACC.