How Quirine Comans Has Made Syracuse A National Championship Contender

Syracuse celebrates winning over Duke in overtime during the quarterfinals of 2020 ACC Field Hockey Championship in Cary, N.C., Thursday, Nov.5, 2020. (Photo by Sara D. Davis, the ACC)
Friday, Oct 22, 2021 at 10:52 am by Sports Editor

By Nick Luttrell

CitrusTV Field Hockey Beat Reporter

In the summer of 2021, Quirine Comans finally made her decision to come to America to play field hockey. She had just completed her Bachelor of Law and Business Administration degree at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and was ready for her next step in life.

Comans, in her mid-week press conference on Tuesday, admitted that her decision to come to Syracuse was very unique.

“I decided very late I wanted to come to America,” Comans said. “(It) was kind of spontaneous, I wanted to do something different that was in the beginning of this year.”

No doubt, attending a university that is more than 3,000 miles away from home is something much, much different than anything Comans had done in the past. But it’s safe to say that the Graduate Student has adjusted well to life in America – at least in terms of field hockey. 

Comans currently has the second-most points, 22, in the Atlantic Coast and is tied for first in assists (8). She’s also second on the Orange in goals with seven on the year. One of her goals came early on in the game on Saturday against Duke. SU Head Coach Ange Bradley felt that her goal demonstrated just the type of player that she is.

“Her act in the first minute of the game has really shown how much she’s grown and evolved to be a leader on the field,” Bradley said. “I think that’s just been awesome.”

Comans didn’t score another goal in the win over Duke, but she contributed more unselfishly. The Netherlands native assisted on two goals to teammates Clara Morrison and Carolin Hoffmann to help the Orange slaughter the Blue Devils 7-2.

Not only has Comans’ effort made her one of the best players in the ACC, but her success has tremendously benefited the Orange. SU is currently on a nine-game winning streak and sits at No. 6 in the Penn Monto/NFHCA National Coaches Poll

This type of success is something that Syracuse hasn’t recently really been accustomed to – especially last year. In the 2020-21 season, SU went 8-8 including five losses in overtime. Coach Bradley, who is in her 14th season at Syracuse, mentioned Comans as one of the many reasons for SU’s success this season.

“That more experienced fifth-year player coming into a college set up to be able to help and help pull people along as well as be pulled along by a seasoned group,” Bradley said. 

Syracuse’s “seasoned group” includes three graduate students, four seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, and eight freshmen. Comans’ impact is noticeable when you watch the way she plays and communicates for SU. No doubt, the Graduate Student is happy that she chose to become a part of the Orange family. But for Comans, she is looking at something way more than just playing – she wants to win it all. 

“I chose Syracuse because of their ambition and their willing to win a championship,” Comans said. “I think that’s also something I really wanted to do.”

Comans and the Orange will begin their journey to Ann Arbor on Nov. 4 as they begin postseason play in the ACC Tournament before the NCAA Tournament begins on Nov. 12. But before all of that, Syracuse still has three more games left in the regular season. SU will host Virginia at home at 4 pm on Friday. You can watch that game on ACCN Extra or follow my Twitter for live updates. | @nickluttie