Mid-Season Report Card for Syracuse Tennis

Friday, Mar 01, 2024 at 8:56 pm by Sports Editor

Josh Richardson | @joshrichy_04

It’s that time of year again! College campuses all over the country begin to distribute its first rounds of tests, exams, and midterms. Why not keep up that trend on the Tennis Courts? Just under halfway through the Spring season, Syracuse Tennis sits 7-2 and 2-1 in ACC play. While this may seem similar to the 9-0 start the Orange got off to last season, it’s a little different this time around. An eight women roster has this team rolling and competing at a higher level than last year. So without further ado, let’s grade the Orange!


Miyuka Kimoto – B+

Kimoto has been a staple of this Tennis program for the last few seasons and that still reigns true today. The junior sits 5-2 in singles and 6-1 in doubles. Her leadership has been instrumental to this team, especially with the three new underclassmen brought in this season. What brings her down is the inconsistency. When she wins, it’s dominating and has you questioning if she should be higher in the singles players rankings every week. When she loses, it’s in straight sets and it isn’t pretty. By no means does she have to be perfect and win every match, but when she loses and is trailing in matches, keeping it competitive and trying to fight back can push that B+ to an A.


Polina Kozyreva – A+

Not much to say other than praise for the grad student. In the absence of Zaynep Erman after her departure from the program, Kozyreva has filled in her shoes nicely in #2 and #3 singles. She sits 11-4 overall between doubles and singles with every win in straight sets. Her growth over the last year has helped Syracuse remain in match contention weekend after weekend. 


Viktoriya Kanapatskaya – A

The former All-American deserves her flowers for her performance so far this season. 6-1 in singles and 4-2 in doubles may be a little worse than what she is used to at this point in the season, Kanapatskaya’s set resilience even when she loses is something to see. We know what she has done for this team in the past, and with some steep competition, it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets back to this point soon enough.


Anastasia Sysoeva – B

Sysoeva is a transfer from Florida, who came in as the first and originally only known new member of the program. She got acquainted immediately. Sysoeva played as early as her first match on campus and won her first 5 singles overall. Unfortunately, the sophomore has slowed her roll as of late. Sysoeva has lost her last two singles matches, both of which she held major leads in. Working on closing out matches and securing wins can help boost that grade up to an A.


Ines Fonte – B

Fonte has had loads of success so far this season but her shoulder limitations at the moment make me weary of the immediate future. For the last two matches, Fonte has been serving underhand making sure not to extend all the way up to the top. On paper, her record is great and speaks for itself, but a fully healthy body could boost her GPA up to a 4.0.


Emilie Elde – B+

The second of three newcomers for SU this season gets a solid B+. A strong player with a great serve can sometimes get ahead of herself. After her match-winning point against Clemson last weekend, Elde discussed how she is an aggressive player and is always going to look for her shots. That level of aggression and style of play goes both ways. You have to live and die by it. For the most part, she’s been winning by it so why stop now? As long as she stays on the right side of the ball.


Shiori Ito – A

Shiori has been picture perfect for Syracuse so far this season. Playing primarily in #5 or #6 singles, Ito has been dominant. 7-2 so far this season and this grade specifically references her consistency as well. She had the second best singles win percentage on the team last year, and snuck away with three conference wins as well. The Orange need her to continue her winning ways and remain as a reliable option for Head Coach Younes Limam


Constance Levivier – C+

Levivier is a tough grade. On the one hand, she has performed great when on the court. On the other, she’s only been available twice for game action. It’s like the kid in the group project that does the required minimum and then is along for the ride. The work they do is great, but it’s not enough for an amazing grade. 


Overall: B+

11 matches left in the season and SU looks just as competitive as last year. The important thing is they STAY competitive. If they beat Georgia Tech last weekend, the Orange would have an A grade in my book, but it’s important to see what happens after the first domino falls in ACC play. Luckily we won’t have to wait very long. Syracuse is down in North Carolina right now to face Duke tonight at 6, and UNC Sunday at 11.