Women’s Soccer Loses to Boston College 1-0 off a Tough Team Performance

Thursday, Oct 06, 2022 at 9:32 pm by Sports Editor

By Collin Davies | @DaviesCollin

CitrusTV Women’s Soccer Beat Reporter

Syracuse’s road loss to Boston College was decided by an ugly goal. Besides that deciding factor, there were plenty of other issues that did not help either.

The detrimental mistake happened in the 24th minute. It started when Andi Barth sent a cross into the six-yard box. SU goalkeeper Shea Vanderbosch appeared to have it under complete control but didn’t. The ball hit both hands on the routine play, and it dropped down to the turf. Claire Mensi was quick to follow the ball, and tapped it in. Afterwards, emotion was seen on the freshmen keeper as she smacked the post in disbelief.

Vanderbosch has been incredible for the Orange so far this season, but this goal and her only other mistake against North Carolina have proved costly. As usual, she rebounded and played a clean game afterwards.

While the goal was the story of the game, Syracuse still needed to score to win. They provided little real goal threats, just getting three shots on goal. The question mark offensively was why Chelsea Domond did not start the game. She is the team’s leading goal scorer and assister. Seeing her start on the bench was puzzling to see. The chance creation wasn’t there when she was off the field.

The only shots that seemed threatening were the power shots hit from over 22 yards away. None of those got on target, but those were the few moments that the Orange seemed to have a chance to equalize.

Syracuse is now 0-5 when being the first ones to trail. They are now 8-5 overall, losing four of their past five matches. Next up, they’ll have their last road game of this stretch at Virginia on Sunday at 2 p.m. It’s going to be a tough test as the Cavaliers are 10-1-1 on the year.