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Monday, Feb 21, 2022 at 10:12 am

Defense Leads No. 3 Syracuse to a Top-5 Win Over No. 4 Stony Brook


“The final five minutes of Syracuse’s 12-11 win over Stony Brook today in one word: Crazy. Seven fouls and three yellow cards in that time. A lot of messiness. But no goals allowed from the Syracuse defense. And a 12-11 win to show for it in a top-5 clash between the No. 3 and No. 4 teams in the country. After the game, Coach Kayla Treanor talked through the wild finish to this big-time victory.”


“That was huge for the defense to step up like that. You know, it’s still really early in the season and it definitely got chaotic at the end of the game. But, you know, the defense held it down. They did what they needed to do. They got the ball back to the offense, they were able to kill the clock, and we were fortunate enough to walk away with a win.”


“Yeah, definitely. Our defense played amazing today. They really kept us in that game. I mean, that timeout was crucial for us right there at the 2:20 mark. She basically gave us different instructions for different scenarios for what was going to happen and whatever happened, we just went with what she told us to do. It was a hard game. They’re a good team, they’re scrappy. They want to come into the Dome and beat us, just like every team. So, I think those last few minutes were good for us to solidify that win.”


“Shifting from the defense to the offense, the Megan’s were fantastic in this victory. Megan Carney had seven points, four of them off assists. Meanwhile, Meaghan Tyrrell had four goals. This duo looks to stay hot in South Bend on Saturday, February 26, when the Orange look to take down the Notre Dame Fighting Irish; currently the 12th best team in the nation. Reporting from the Carrier Dome, Ian Nicholas, CitrusTV.”