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Saturday, Nov 19, 2022 at 11:51 pm

Syracuse Grab Bounce-Back Win Against Northeastern

(LEO SILVERMAN): For Syracuse they had their work cut out for them inside
the paint tonight, but they got their job done in droves against the Northeastern
Huskies. Taking this one 76-48, and when you talk about a Syracuse offensive
bounce-back game, you have to start the conversation with freshman phenom
Judah Mintz.

(JIM BOEHEIM): He’s been good, I mean he’s been really good. I like it when
one of my predictions comes true, it’s good it’s nice to have that happen. He’s been
very good very solid, smart, taking what’s there. He’s just scratching the surface,
he can get a lot better, I think he will get a lot better.

(JESSE EDWARDS): It’s super helpful to have someone who can go into the
paint as a guard like that and do what he does. It makes a huge impact because we
got shooters we got people who can finish inside we got people who can go from
outside and slash in, Benny, Judah the whole lot. So it gives us a lot of versatility
whereas they can’t just sit on our guards or sit on me, you know, they just can’t
focus on one thing, so yea it is tremendous.

(LEO SILVERMAN): The Orange offense scoring in all droves it wasn’t just
Judah Mintz tonight. Joe Girard led all scorers with 21 points and five made triples,
and Jesse Edwards got it done on the block tonight with 18 points and seven boards
to his name. But going forward those two won’t have the luxury of playing in the
JMA Wireless Dome in front of the Orange faithful, Syracuse heads to the Empire
Classic in the Barclays Center. The first set of that match is against Richmond on
Monday. Reporting live from the JMA Wireless Dome, Leo Silverman, Citrus TV