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Sunday, Apr 02, 2023 at 4:49 pm

Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse Falls to Notre Dame 20-12 After Controversial Ruling

With 11 minutes to go when the biggest game of the season for Syracuse men’s
lacrosse the orange LED 12-11 when Finn Thompson found his way in front of the crease and shot a ball that he thought went in but as Syracuse fans were cheering all throughout the JMA Wireless Dome Notre Dame came the other way to score the game-time goal the first goal of a nine goal Run for the Irish which resulted in a 20-12 victory over Syracuse on Saturday after the game Notre Dame goalie Liam enterman talked a little bit about how he made that save and what happened on that play  “I kind of came out to challenge them a little bit and he shot it kind of passed me and I kind of reached behind me and grabbed it but I think that what everyone saw if I had to guess was maybe my stick hitting the pipe or something like that but I’m pretty confident it didn’t cross the uh goal line and then thankfully Nikki Harrison buried at the other end so you know definitely a crazy play definitely
uh kind of a roller coaster of a few seconds there. Gary Gait “I honestly have not looked
at the replay yet you know we were trying to focus on moving forward didn’t want to get to caught up in that and uh you know it ended up being a huge swing and momentum completely switched so.” Fourth quarter struggles are nothing new for Syracuse against ranked opponents again it’s number 10 Johns Hopkins a couple weeks ago the orange had a lead with seven minutes to go and against number five Duke as well the orange went to overtime and unfortunately lost both of those games they have a chance to change their 0-5 record against ranked opponents next week when they take on number 17 Princeton on the road reporting from inside the JMA Wireless Dome I’m Ryan Bridges Citrus TV.