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Saturday, Feb 11, 2023 at 9:42 am

Syracuse Silenced 2-0 Against Mercyhurst

The CHA playoffs are just two weeks away, and if you know anything about playoff hockey, then you know that they don’t score a lot of goals. 

This one sure had a playoff feel tonight as the Cuse fell 2-0 to Mercyhurst in Tennity Ice Pavilion. This neck and neck contest came down to the final whistle. 

Britni Smith: I think knowing that we’re probably gonna see them in a few weeks, at this point of the season, it’s playoff hockey at this point, and we like that, we’re excited about that. 

Tatum White: Yeah, I think it was a good physical game, I think different refs have different levels of tolerance and tonight they were just calling everything, so I don’t think we really changed anything from what we usually do, but yeah it was a good physical game.

This game was dominated by special teams, with 15 combined calls on the ice, over ⅓ of the game was spent on the man advantage with nothing to show for either side, PK and Goaltending was excellent for Syracuse, but the offense simply wasn’t there, as the Orange were held to under 20 shots.

That’ll need to change when they play in their final CHA matchup when they play Mercyhurst at 3 p.m. Reporting from Tennity Ice Pavillion, Luke Burgess, Citrus TV.