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Sunday, Apr 07, 2024 at 6:03 pm

Syracuse Softball gives up a ton

Walking down the first baseline in the game of softball is never a good thing. And Syracuse Softball learned that firsthand in its doubleheader against number 17 Clemson today. In game one the Orange walked seven batters leading to a 10-1 mercy rule victory in just six innings. In game two the orange walked five batters and hit another two leading to a 7-1 win in regulation. The Orange were only outhit by one but after the game head coach Shannon Doepking said that her offense needs to help her pitching out by being a little bit more timely. 

“That’s exactly how this weekend played out. Is every time, I mean almost every walk scored right like literally almost every walk I think we had, and we had a lot of them this weekend scored right so I think while yes we hit the ball well we did not hit the ball well when we had runners in scoring position. We hit the ball well when we never had people on so you know it’s everything we need to do this week is just take in this weekend for what it was and take it on the chin. Big L for all three games and you know be able to address the things that were really really obvious right like we need to address the walks, we need to address the defense, we need to address the timely hitting.”

“I think it’s just going pitch by pitch. I mean I don’t think we really could have done anything else just because when stuff happens like that you really can’t do anything about it, you just got to go through it and if you don’t go pitch by pitch you’re not going to get to the next out so I think it’s taking you one step at a time.”

The Orange fall to 4 and 10 in conference play and are just two games out from being the last place squad in the ACC. That can all change on Wednesday as Syracuse can get back to its winning ways against a non-conference opponent in Colgate for its 12th double header of the season. First pitch is slated for 2 P.M. Reporting from Skytop Softball Stadium Nathaniel Cunningham Citrus TV