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Thursday, Mar 02, 2023 at 11:07 am

Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Dominates UAlbany 22-5, Stays Undefeated

By: Adam Avin

When you’re watching the Syracuse women’s lacrosse team play, sometimes switching from reporter to fan is just too easy, especially when you’re watching Meaghan Tyrrell and Megan Carney light up the stat sheet. Speaking of easy, SU stays unbeaten against the Great Danes of UAlbany after capturing a win 22-5 today. Postgame Meaghan Tyrrell explained why the offense scores at such a high level.

“You know, it’s not really an individual effort,” said Tyrrell. “You know, a lot of points come from being on the offense, having six people around me, so I’m just grateful for them.”

Megan Carney: “Just something that we’re passionate at Syracuse because we can all handle the ball and move the ball so well. Also just knowing that chemistry, we know where people are going to be. So, it’s something that we focus on at practice and that we like to work on.”

Meaghan Tyrrell gives all the credit to her teammates effort, but individually she’s the one setting the standard. Tyrrell moved up to fourth on the all-time points scored list for SU today, and she’s only going to continue to rise. Head coach Kayla Trainor, after the game talked about why her star player is so special.

“You know when she touches the ball, our offense just becomes alive and when you have a superstar like Megan Tyrrell, who does not care whether she shows up in the stat sheet or not, that’s really special. So, I give her a lot of credit for why we’re playing well and why we’re sharing the ball. I just have a ton of respect for her because of that.”

Syracuse has another fast turnaround as Virginia Tech comes to the Dome on Sunday at 11, The Orange, one of the only remaining teams left in the country that are undefeated, look to extend their win streak to 6-0. Reporting from the JMA Wireless dome.